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Desatascos y Limpiezas Salou
Desatascos y Limpiezas Salou,
is a company specialized in industrial cleanings and at a  particular level.
Since 1963, we have been working to provide the best of services

The company

a pioneering company in industrial cleaning services in the province of Tarragona. We seek to offer the customer the professional solution best suited to their requirements. 

What do we do?

Here you will know the methods and techniques we use to practice our profession, always adapting to the times and to our customers

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We are Desatascos y Limpiezas Salou”, a company in which we rely on suitable personnel that it is to his entire disposition. We are to his service from 1963, contact us and possession of the privilege of contracting with a serious, honest and responsible company and that in addition, it fulfills with the approved times.
We brighten ourselves always for offering to every client the professional solutions most according to his requirements in cleanliness.
We have wide experience and possess the necessary tools to realize:
  • Clearing of pipelines.
  • Emptying septic tank.
  • Cleanliness of warehouses.
  • Service contracts.
  • Cleanliness of swimming pools and rafts.
  • Cleanliness of pavements.
  • Emptying of parking.
  • Management and transport of residues.
We are located in Salou, do not hesitate to communicate with us, we will attend to all his requests with efficiency.


Years of experience  

we works to offer the best of services


 Pere Martell, 5

43840 SALOU (Tarragona)



"Desatascos y Limpiezas Salou" we are a specialist in industrial cleanliness